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Sewer System

Important Information About Your Sewer System


Since occupying a roughly 1200 sq. ft. facility since the mid-1980’s on Cedar Road in Hessel, the township was able to take advantage of a tax foreclosure sale and acquire a 5700 sq. ft. facility on Mission Trail east of Cedarville for $13,034.79.

This expanded facility will allow us to consolidate certain DPW functions located separately at the lagoons off Blind Line Road and recognize greater efficiency in service delivery to the residents of Clark Township. Further, the grounds will serve as the collection point for recycling activities recently authorized through a voted millage from the electorate.

The old facility was recently sold after publicly advertising its sale. It brought in over $38,000.00 to the Townships general fund and it will be returned to the tax roll.

Wastewater Treatment System Information

The following items should NOT be introduced into any sewer, either directly or through a kitchen waste disposal unit:

  • Glass, metal, seafood shells, goldfish stone
  • Diapers, cloth or disposable wipes of any kind
  • Sanitary napkins or tampons
  • Kitty litter or bird cage refuse
  • Plastic objects (toys, utensils, etc.)
  • Coffee grounds or egg shells


In addition, you must never introduce into any sewer:

  • Explosives, fuels or other flammable material
  • Strong chemicals
  • Lubricating oil and/or grease (including cooking grease)
  • Unused or expired medications

State and Federal law, as well as the Township Sewer Ordinance, prohibit the use of the sanitary sewer for removal of “clear water.” Clear water from perimeter and roof gutter drains, sump pumps, groundwater, faulty plumbing or any other source is not allowed. If such a condition exists on your property, it must be corrected at once. If you are unable, or unwilling, to remedy a clear water problem, the Township is obligated to take any necessary steps to correct the problem.

Care and Use of Your Grinder Pump

Power Failure
Your grinder pump cannot dispose of wastewater without electrical power. If power is interrupted, keep water usage to a minimum.

Seasonal Residents or Periods of Disuse:
If your home or building has a grinder pump and is left unoccupied for longer than a few weeks, perform the following procedure: Purge the System. Run clean water until the pump activates. Immediately turn off the water and allow the grinder pump to run until it shuts off automatically. We recommend filling/draining your bathtub 3 times before leaving for the winter. Duplex Units: Special attention must be taken to ensure that both pumps turn on when clean water reaches the tank.

Caution: Do not disconnect power to the unit!
After prolonged periods of disuse, air pressure can dissipate from the airline, which may cause the switch to fail to activate the pump motor. If this should occur, the pump alarm will alert when the water level rises too high. Please call the Public Works Department and a township service person will respond and reactivate the switch with a vacuum gun.


If you experience a backup of your sanitary sewer, determine first if the drains back up only when you run additional water into them. If so, the blockage is most likely in your lateral pipe and is your responsibility to clear. If sewage has entered your home while no water was being used or continues to spill out of drains after water use is discontinued, something may have blocked the public main. If the latter occurs, or if your audible/visual alarm is activated, follow the steps below:

  1. DO NOT shut off power.
  2. Discontinue use of water.
  3. Contact the Public Works Department immediately.

CALL: 906-484-2026 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm

After hours, on weekends or holidays sewer employees are on call: Jim Landerville & Ken Bean

Please let us know if you have a caretaker or neighbor that looks after your property in your absence, or how to reach you in case we need your assistance should you need service on your grinder pump. Please call Deb at 906-484-2672.

Clark Township makes every effort to be responsive to citizens’ needs when the unfortunate situation of a sewer backup occurs.


(Effective January 16, 2013)

  • $40 per hour for Wastewater Treatment Manager
  • $30 per hour for Wastewater Treatment Assistant
  • After hours calls at 1.5 hourly rate with 2-hour minimum.
  • Weekends or Holidays at 2 times hourly rate with 2-hour minimum

Pressured System:
Property owners are responsible for maintaining a portion of the sewer from their building drain (at house or building) and five feet beyond. Any additional lines to outbuildings, etc., are also the responsibility of the property owners. These types of calls may result in Service Call Fees:

  • Indoor plumbing blockage
  • Freezing or other blockage within property owners lines
  • Power turned-off (including break in line or blown fuse)
  • Improper disposal of non-sewer items into sewer and/or grinder pump
  • Build-up of grease

Also, for property owners hooked up to the Gravity System, it shall be the duty of each property owner to operated, maintain and repair, as necessary and at his own expense, the private sewer lines on his property, i.e., building drain and interior plumbing.

DPW employees will charge service call fees for trouble-shooting a problem in the property owner’s system, but repairing lines or problems that are the responsibility of the property owner is not allowed unless the problem will cause other ramifications on the public sewer system. Clark Township is a municipal service provider and does not desire to compete with local plumbers or contractors.

Contact Information

phone: 906-484-2026

emergency assistance is available after hours, weekend & holidays on call:

Jim Landreville
office: 906-484-3235
cell: 906-430-8060

Ken Bean
office: 906-484-3235
cell: 906-203-1949